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Re: Naruto 615 prediction/spoiler

Juubi release it's tails and hands throwing All Akamichi clan in air, while he narrows his eye at incomming Tsume and Shibi at it. Tsume use gatsuga aiming straight at Juubi eye, while Shibi use bugs giant ball to cover Juubi eyesight completly. Meanwhile Madara and Obito finish focusing all his chakra, and as their both Rinnengan begin to glows violently, they begin to restore their control over Juubi.

Tsume: Giant version of spining Gatsuuga !
Shibi: Giant version of Bug ball !
Tsume: *just little more...*
Shibi: *Almost get it*

Madara(glows Rinnengan in both eyes): Heaven Control ! *almost restore our control*
Obito(glows Rinnengan in one eye): Heaven Control *juts a little more, I can't loose Juubi now !*

Tsume: ?!
Shibi: ?!

Before Ball created by many bugs sent by Shibi can cover Juubi's giant eye, it is broke in many smaller balls but Juubi waving it tails, then one tails comes from above Shibi straight at him, crushing him on ground, making small crater, while other tail hit Tsume while spining in whirl, cause to cancel her spining then send her flying straight at other juubi hand, which catches her, then crush her with it's strength while Kiba watches in horror with Shino.

Shibi: oh NO !!!
Shibi(watches as Juubi tail come at him from above ): shit !
Shino: Father !!!

Shibi get hit by Juubi's tail then crushed in ground, being pierced little later by same tail, which impale in ground. Shino looks in horror as he watches father dying. .

Shibi(turns to look at Shino): good luck Shino, I am proud of you... *smiles*
Shino(look at father with fear): Father...
Shibi: Good bye Shino...*splits blood*
Shibi: ARGH!!!!!
Shino: NO!!!!!!

Meanwhile, Tsume is hit by Juubi tail with enormus strength.

Tsume(notice Juubi tail comming at her, while she is spininng): oh shit !
Tsume: Oww !!!! my head, ugh!!! *send flying back*
Kiba: Mother !!!
Tsume(turns around while flying): oh no, Juubi tail *I can avoid it, damn it !*
Tsume(turns to look at Kiba): Kiba, please be safe. grown up and be my successor... *smiles*
Kiba(fear in eyes): No..., mother...
Tsume: Arghh!!! *spits blood*
Kiba: NO!!!!!

Tsume is pierced by Juubi tail, as Kiba look in horror while screaming. Blood drops on ground, from Tsume body.

Meanwhile Madara and Obito restore their control over Juubi, as Shinobi alliance are shown in few panels. First and second are shown Nara clan teams while runing they watch death of Tsume, Shibi and Chouza. Last are shown Kakashi, Gai, Naruto and all rookies with closure on Kiba and Shino.

Madara: done
Obito: yeah *panting*
Madara(turns to Obito): you are tired, aren't you
Obito(glare at Madara): I am sorry that I am not immortal as you !
Madara(looks back at Shinobi Alliance): heh, rest a little Obito, you need it
Obito(schocked): hmm..., thanks i think *strange, Madara is up to something, but what*

Kakashi: Shit..., Chouza, Tsume, and Shibi
Kakashi: rest in peace, my friends...
Gai: No, no..., it is horror.
Gai: It is my fault...

Naruto(despair): Damn it !, more deaths..., Kurama how much longer !
Kurama: calm down, Naruto just two minutes more...
Naruto(schocked): Damn !
Kurama(serious): I am sorry Naruto, but this is war, you are shinobi so you have to accept death, buy some time more and I promise you we will avenge your friends but without hate...
Naruto(accept but sad): got it !

Shino(fall on his knees): Father...
Kiba(fall on his knees): Mother...

Kiba, Shino: No!!!!!

Meanwhile Hiashi Hyuuga watches all his friends dying as he become more and more frustrated. Hinata watches in horror as she look back at Neji dead body lying near her.

Hiashi: Damn it..., shit...
Hiashi: I have to do something
Hiashi: ?!

Hiashi become more desperate, as he notices Juubi to move it's two tails at runing Nara clan first and second team , as Hiashi send his powerfull Eight Trigrams Vacuum Wall Palm at two juubi tail, stoping it's tails movement for moment. saving both nara clan team runing from death, as they are in half way to their destiny positions.

Hiashi(watches Juubi tails moving): Eight Trigrams Vacuum Wall Palm !
Hiashi(slowly breathing): heh..., hee... damn it ! *I use too much chakra while stopping it's tail every time.*
Hiashi(panting): I can't keep fighting like that..., *Can I really do that ?!
Hiashi(looks at Neji dead body): Neji..., you died for us...
Hiashi: I can't complain, I will avenge you Neji, brother I promise you, your son death will be avenged !
Hiashi: ?!

Hiashi byakugan eyes begin to glow, as he catch them in pain for moment, then he uncover them with hands with closure on his eyes we can see new pattern. Yin Yang symbol in middle of Byakugan eyes, with pupils even more distinct as veins take even more part of face, spreading bulge even further than temples, as his eyes become even brighter.

Hiashi: My eyes !
Hiashi: ?!

Ghost image of Hizashi appear before Hiashi, as Hiashi is completly schocked.

Hiashi: Brother, what that mean ?!
Hizashi(smile): it looks like you finally understand your feelings and even passed your limits...
Hiashi: what ?!
Hizashi: even although you are part of main family and I was part of branch you didn't have will enough strong to make your eyes evolve...
Hiashi: evolve..., you mean great Hyuuga princess which, is only know member of Hyuuga which evolves her byakugan...
Hizashi: exactly, looks like Neji death won't be in vain, good luck my brother. Show them power of Hyuuga clan and avenge Neji
Hiashi: ?!
Hizashi: I belive in you *smiels while hug Hiashi then dissappears*
Hiashi: I will !

Out of Hashi mind, Hashi face expression changes as he become serious while take his battle stance with one hand stretch forward and other little moved backward, while he looks with his new eyes full of will to fight straight at Juubi.

Hiashi: watch me brother, as Hyuuga leader I will provide my power to win this war !


617 - Awakening of new Hiashi Hyuuga comming soon...

What do you think about my prediction ?

Do you like it ?

Please share your opinion in comment, I hope you enjoyed reading my prediction , cause I did my best

I would like to continue this as Merry christmas gift, but idk if anyone want me to contine my series of prediction...

Do you want continuation ?

Sorry for any grammar or typing mistakes
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