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Re: Naruto 615 prediction/spoiler

A Jericho Prediction

Naruto 616: “Heritage”, 617: "goodbye", 618: "I am the Juubi"

We see a huge view of the battlefield. The Alliance ninja are poised ready for an assault form the Juubi. The Juubi is moving but has no focus or direction. The Kage are surrounding Madara whom is climbing out or hardened lava and reconstructing via Edo Tensei.
Naruto is facing Obito on top of the Juubi, he is focused. Obito is connected to the but struggling to control it. Tsunade is with Sakura Hinata and Kakashi. A ninja from Hyuuga clan has Neji as if to carry him away.

Kurama, {hey runt, you finally decided to try that huh? Well I guess since you didn’t have to use some of your concentration on stopping me from killing you, it was easy.}

Naruto, {yeah, I could do it in base mode but combined with Sage mode makes it even easier. Excuse me for a bit I have to kill this guy!}

Kurama, {hey wait a minute, I have something to tell you, well go ahead and fight him. I will tell you while you fight.}

Naruto, {okay.} “you having a hard time controlling him with out your master?”

Kurama, {I have been keeping something from you for a lone time…}

Obito, “I have no master, Madara was just a means to an end. Speaking of an end..”

He uses Kumai to send the flying shuriken Naruto’s way at an amazing speed.

Kurama, {about the Uzumaki, well your mother especially and your father…}

Naruto {I know you killed her and my father, that was Madara or whoever that controlled you and you were different then too.}
Just before one touches Naruto’s nose and left arm, he appears from behind slashing Obito with the same shuriken.

Obito, “Gaahh!” {I sent those out as fast as possible, how could he do that technique without kunai or seals?!}

Naruto, “I didn’t kill you because I am soft or any hope of reforming you. If I kill you now, the Juubi will rampage and kill a lot of my friends down there.”
Kurama, {that’s not it. You have an blood trait, but since I was put into you moments after you were born I could actually keep it from you.}

Naruto, {what are you saying?}

Kakashi and the others are pulling back a bit putting distance between the wild acting Juubi and themselves.

“it is gaining control of itself, it no longer has a particular target or goal.”

Shikamaru, “which makes it even more dangerous!”

Suddenly a Naruto clone appears, “Shikamaru, are we ready for the plan? Obito could lose what little control he has at any moment. The Kages are dealing with Madara, so we need to focus on getting the Juubi out of the picture”

Shikamaru looks up for a second, {guess it can’t be helped} “okay, let’s initiate the plan”

Madara has spikes coming from him due to wood element, “ I see the Senju managed to save you all hmmm? Wait no, that’s not exactly correct is it?”

Gaara from above, “your eyes see a lot, but they do not see everything”

Oonki, “ahhh”

A wood clone shot a piercing root through Oonki. But Oonki’s wound is healing itself.

Oonki, “enough of this, we need to do what we are here for.”

Raikage, “I agree.”

Suddenly Gaara starts swirling sand around the area they are in. Oonki is on Raikage’s back, as Mizukage has both hands on the ground.

Naruto {Body sharinghan?! What are you talking about?}

Kurama, {well basically, if say the Uchiha brats see a jutsu they can do it, but have to train to master it. If you feel or become a victim or certain jutsu you can learn it, too. It’s actually the reason they slaughtered the Uzumaki, they feared they would be a threat like the Uchiha one day. Maybe worse join with them or produce off spring together and bring about the a clan of potential Sages of the 6th path.}

Naruto, {this is ridiculous, so because I am Uzumaki I can do any jutsu that I …had done to me? Hmmm, what about elemental jutsu, and what does this have to doe with my dad?}

Kurama, {your dad came from a small clan that actually have a good ability, Their chakra is unique as it can feed jutsu with only a percentage of what is required to perform it. Your dad had about as much chakra has Kakashi brat, but because of his chakra it was like he had as much as you.}

Naruto, {so I can do a bunch of jutsu and only use a fraction of my chakra to do it?}

Kurama, {yeah, just remember how it felt when the jutsu u want to use was done to you. But it won’t be perfect the first time you have to train. }

Naruto, {what, you tell me this great ability I have, now and also I can’t even use it right because I would have to train? I can’t train now I’m in a war!}

He looks down at his clone with the Alliance and then at Obito, flashback.

Obito, “he is saying making copies of weakness just makes more weakness”

Naruto, “got it.”

Obito, “got what? Madara will kill your Kage then come back to control the Juubi along side of me.”

Naruto with the shadow clone hand sign up, “then what, I am sure he doesn’t want to be a walking corpse forever, you got the RG. So I guess your going to bring him back to life huh? Well Nagato died after he did it, you willing to die for Madara your comrade?”

Obito yelling, “he is not my comrade1 I am dying for no one!”

Madara from behind, “is that so?”

Obito turns around, “what? A clone? You gonna connect to the Juubi until the real one returns hmmm?”

Madara, “yes then I will kill everyone, including you.”

Obito with big eyes of surprise.

Naruto, “so I guess I have to stop both of you now!”

Obito, “turns to Naruto, no, you don’t”

He sends a spike through the Madara clone and dispels it.

He puts his fingers to his forehead to concentrate.

Naruto, “what are you doing?!”

Obito, “the Juubi is almost ready, and I will become the jinchurikki of it!”

Suddenly the Juubi stops moving.

The entire Nara clan is surrounding it.

From above Naruto and Obito voices, “banzai!”

It is several Akamichi clan members using full body enlargement jutsu, coming crashing down.

Naruto smile and vanished before the impact as Obito looks up, angered.

Suddenly Naruto crashes into Hinata and Sakura from thin air.

Naruto, “sorry, it was a last minute thing, this was the last spot I saw. You guys okay?”

He gets up and helps them both up.

Hinata, “it’s okay Naruto-kun.”

Sakura, “watch it you big dumby. That hurt.”

Hinata, “Sakura-chan, please refrain from speaking to him like that in front of me. He has never done anything to you to treat him that way, please”

Sakura, {wow, Hinata?} “okay, sorry , Naruto. Yeah I’m okay.”

Kakashi seeing all of this, {so he can go wherever he can see? I wonder…} “Naruto your almost up, you and Kurama ready?”

Madara is encased in lava, while we see Oonki and Raikage are pierced by roots and a Susan’oo blade.

Gaara, “there isn’t much time left.”

He encases the lava with hardened sand as Oonki surrounds it with rock.

Raikage does hand signs that look familiar, just then Madara explodes out of the tomb.

Madara, “forget it, how this looks I will kill you all!”

He is going ultimate Susan’oo when, Raikage grabs Susan’oo form behind.
Oonki is touching it as well form the front, making it heavy.

Madara, “what are you doing…wait, wait!!”

We see the Death God being used by Raikage.

Raikage, {our intel and the quick lesson from Tsunade paid off, now to get rid of this bastard forever!} “it’s gonna be you and me battling it out in the after life Madara!”

Oonki on the other side of Susan’oo starts laughing, “you’re a fool, all of you!”

He turns into Madara, “Genjutsu is always a weapon in the Uchiha arsenal.”

Raikage actually has Oonki, he was placed under Genjutsu.

Mizukage, “no, no damn you!”

Madara, “well now that the key players are no longer a factor, it’s time you…”

He suddenly can’t move.

We see Naruto with Shikamaru and Ino.

Madara, “those clones are very irritating, you can’t hold me for long.”

Ino, “catch me Naruto!”

We see Madara performing Death reaper signs as well.

A Inochi clan member is has his hand on Tsunade’s forehead.

Naruto, {Ino is inside Madara’s head, but she has to hurry and time this just right. Amazing how Shikamaru adjusted this into the plan, but we couldn’t have gotten over here if I hadn’t perfected FTG!}

Kurama, {Perfected? That’s funny, are you done yet?}

Naruto, {hey aren’t you supposed to be with the real me an almost. We may not even need it, we’re about to win this thing!}

Suddenly Madara boots Ino out and realizes his back, “what the..” he looks at his hands as they just did the last sign for… “Death God…you brats!”

Raikage and Oonki are laying on the ground with Gaara and Mizukage beside them.

Raikage, “can’t hold on anymore, Darui…tell him…it’s his turn….my son”
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