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Re: Naruto615

well crappy translation, but more or less i mean what did u all expect? Hinata's cousin/clan brother just died....he gave his life for both of them.. Why wouldn't the sappy shit is to be expected...Hinata and Naruto finally holding hands and he is fine with it... No more gay rumors at least until Sasuke shows up... Yeah I kinda thought he would use Samehade against the Juubi but that would be a lot of chakra to absorb that quickly. Throwing a bijuudama back into his mouth and shutting it close was slightly childish but a nice move either way. I kinda thought Kurama was saying shut up Naruto or ill eat you because he could heal and fix up Neji...Madara sees that Obito has become just like he did before he died...I wonder if Obito has realized also that Madara was possibly behind Rin's death....Yeah a lot of drama and yeah its sappy but hey its not as bad as it could be..Given Kishi is the author...Now that Kurama is back (also Bee) wondering also Jericho will Kishi finally give us some Hinata/Naruto that I mean holding hands and skipping while dodging fucking Juubizilla!
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