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Re: Naruto615

Grab your popcorn, because here comes the NS Denial Circussssssssssssssss.

Originally Posted by Butthurt NS fan
Don't fret.

Kishi is going to hype NaruHina to the breaking point, and then kill her.

That's the only thing I can see happening now
Originally Posted by Butthurt NS fan
as for NS, i don't care anymore
cannon or not i'll still ship it
Originally Posted by Butthurt NS fan
]I'm not sure if I said this before, but I'll say it anyway, Kishi is trying to fool the readers. He's doing what I like to call a narrative feint. I've seen it before in other manga. The writer spends the majority of the story hinting at one main pairing. But at one point, usually during the second half of the story, the writer begins to add evidence that they're instead going to pair the main character with another love interest instead. Sometimes even going as far as actually having them get involved romantically, which Kishi is not likely to do since that bit usually only happens in the romance genre, where the pairings are the main focus. In the end the author always hooks up the pairing which they had been most strongly foreshadowing throughout the entirety of the story. Almost always the main guy and main girl. In this case Naruto and Sakura.


I've got to hand it to Kishi though. I wasn't sure how it would happen, but he managed to make Hinata's prediction in chapter 573 come true. But don't forget, Sakura also had a prediction in that chapter. I notice in moments like in 573, mangas and anime usually give the person who is most important to the main character the last word. Sakura had the last word in 573. Meaning, now that Hinata has had her moment, Sakura's moment is next and it will be more significant.


And I'll close this with what I have been saying the whole time, NaruSaku is inevitable. It is the most heavily and obviously hinted outcome in the manga. More so then anything else. Practically written in stone. It is simply too late for Kishi to pair Naruto with anyone else, without making it look like sloppy writing. And Kishi is is consistent with the outcomes of his foreshadowing. Don't fall for the feint.
Originally Posted by Butthurt NS fan
NaruSaku canon

Kishi just letting Hinata get her 15 minutes.
Originally Posted by Butthurt NS fan
early on i'm sure kishi was heading for NS endgame but maybe one of his editors said NH would better and he just went with it.

NS is the most logical pairing, but kishi has shown that sometimes he doesn't give a crap about logic.
Originally Posted by Butthurt NS fan
I mean, for Naruto to suddenly forget about Sakura and move to Hinata tarnishes everything we know about him. He's the one who never gives up on what he wants. That includes becoming Hokage, getting Sasuke back, and finally attaining Sakura. For him to magically fall in love with Hinata at this point would be painfully forced and absolutely terrible writing. NS is a couple that has been in development from the first introduction of Sakura. Why throw all of that away? Why even make a movie about the two and then turn around and give the girl in the background the man?

And yes, I'm reading Naruto again. I guess my head cooled off the anus that was Obito's flashback and when people told me Shikaku and Neji were killed off, I thought "why not?". I'll just not give a shit about the pair of idiots that polute this section and I'm good.

But to be greeted to NH almost being canon is really good. I did like the pairing from the beginning (although I defend SasuNaru would be a better pairing based on the plot, but we all know Kishi doesn't have the balls to pull that one off), so seeing them holding hands pretty much seals the deal, considering in Japan holdings hands is a much greater sign of romance than in the West.

But more than that, fuck NS. Seriously, I don't like pairings all that much, but NS was like a goddamn zombie, it got headshots left and right (437, 469, 540) and just. refused. to. die. Even more appalling is that many fans of this pairing clung to Chapter 3 and 455 like there was no tomorrow and completely forgot that all other romantic development concerning Naruto came from Hinata from the very first appearance of her. Sure, it was as frequent as an eclipse, but Tobi=Obito went down the same way and I've learned my lesson to not question Kishi's predictability, as obviously stupid as it may be.
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