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Re: one piece 694

Mangastream link is up. Its a bit better translation..

Quite predictably cc got monet. Interesting to see if Monet really does die.
But i really want to know how does Dofla command such loyalty. The way he treated Bellamy in part one and the way bellamy thought of him is entirely different than being shown here. Everyone of his subordinates seem to respect him, even if they fear him. Maybe that will come into light when he meets the SHs.

Dont think there'll be an all out fight with dofla yet. Luffy usually picks out his opponents because of something he finds intolerable in them. Right now i dont see what luffy has against dofla. Dont think the slave house in sabody is that big a reason.

Also, aren't way too many people starting to fly in OP all of a sudden?

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