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Devil Fruit Idea

Ok this may seem daft to some folk but do hear me out.

I was watching some old episodes of OP the other night a few Alabasta and Enies Lobby Arc ones. And as you know in some of those arcs there is reference to Vegapunk and how he somehow figured out how to put DF into objects, e.g. Funkfreed who turns into a sword, The guy from BW whos gun ate the dog fruit.

So I was wondering what about putting DF's into clothes ? I think I was thinking this due to last weeks chapter there, at the ending we see Donflamingo basically flying. I know the most logically explanation would be hes doing pretty much Sanji's Sky Walk and lets face it, its not a hard feat for him as Donflamingo has shown to have awesome abilites.

But what if the whole DF's into clothes was something that could happen ? The feathers hes always wearing could be related to his flight perhaps ?

I know might be a stupid idea but do try to think about it for a bit.
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