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Re: Naruto 615

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
LOL, NaruSaku is the next Harmony: a big pairing with shippers who don't pick up the clues.

As for the video, I'll go point-by-point.
  1. NaruSaku fans declared the end of Hinata's characterization for so many times. They did in Hinata vs Neji, in Naruto vs Neji, in 437, so it doesn't surprise me they're doing it now. I do agree that Hinata's characterization orbits around Naruto and it's a shame Kishimoto made her pairing fodder, but the same can be said about Sakura and Sasuke. Yeah, NaruSaku fans shouldn't be talking about romantic characterization or they'll just shoot themselves on the foot.
  2. Yes, the speech wasn't romantic at all and I don't think anyone with a brain assumed so, so either strawman or non-sequitur is going on here. The thing is, anyone in the Alliance could have made that speech (with some variations, course), but Kishi chose Hinata out of all of them. Not Sakura.
  3. OMFG, that's hilarious! At 4:25: "He loves Sakura, because we haven't been told otherwise". No, he doesn't. He had a crush on her but he got over it. That's half the point of 469, along with demonstrating that Sakura doesn't love Naruto either. Some reading comprehension, please! About holdings hands, the video producer actively denies its symbolism in order to save face. Kishimoto it fully aware of how big the pairings are, he wouldn't do that unless he meant it. Again I say that holdings hands in Japan is considered more romantic than in the West.
  4. Humm, that facepalm in the video should be mine. Jesus fucking Christ, whoever did this video knows not what she talks about. "durr hurr, Hinata's characterization went backwards with her comment about Naruto's hand, durr hurr". She accomplished two of her goals in this chapter: being there for Naruto at a time of need and to be close to him. It's only natural she'd comment on his hand because people, while not thinking like that, are gleeful by doing that, no matter what one thinks they should behave. Complaining about Hinata showing humanity is both sad and hilarious. The editor note comment is stupid at best, editor notes NEVER use first person pronouns. Always the third person pronouns.
  5. This point is all over the place. It starts by saying Sakura only now was aware of Hinata's love for Naruto and just when I was thinking "Pain Arc, hello?", it goes back to that precise panel. Is the video producer indirectly saying Sakura has the memory of a goldfish or is the video producer herself unable to use common sense to acknowledge she just contradicted herself? And Sakura not being happy about Hinata loving Naruto in that panel? Hello, perspective? Hello, the fact she's trying to save Hinata and is distressed? Sheesh! As for the rest of this point:
    1. Sakura is shocked because Hinata is coming out of her shy shell, not because she feels she's about to loser her hubby.
    2. Naruto did address his feelings for Sakura. Re-read 469 and 470, please.
    3. Sakura doesn't need to realize her feelings for Naruto because she doesn't love Naruto. Both 469 and 540 are testaments of this.

Feel free to post this as a comment on that youtube video for all I care, NaruSaku is dead and NaruHina is on its way to canonization.
Just posted it! This should be fun.

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