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Re: Soul Eater 105

wow...Seeing Maka belittle Crona like such is kinda odd? Also her fierce combat with him was not something I was expecting. I feel like I agree with Veng...again that Crona is too far gone to be saved...Black Star lifting the moons tooth is just crazy. His strength has grown tremendously since his first bout with Kidd. Now that papa is here and about to join the fray I can't wait to see what will happen next. I kinda want the Kishinn to continue to exist outside of Crona..Thought at this point it would good to have either a time skip (after beating Crona or go right into the next villain..or next Kishinn). I don't see Shinigami stepping down any time soon or I don't see the three lines killing off Shinigami. Awesome chapter!
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