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Re: Naruto 616 Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by jeanericuser View Post
On the first one we don't actually know that for sure. When madara freed himself from the edo tensei control of kabuto he pretty much ventured into unknown territory since its uncertain what happens when the link is severed between the edo tensei jutsu caster and the one under control. My theory was based on the idea that edo tensei isn't a forever state of existence so its possible for the edo tensei jutsu to slowly fade over time thus causing the jutsu to eventually fade away entire much as Itachi did.

As for the genjutsu not working on naruto that is also uncertain at this point since no one has attempted a genjutsu on naruto yet and had him dispel it. You must also consider the fact that tsukyama is the highest powered version of genjutsu with its strength depending on the over all power of the user. If someone like madara casts tsukyama its definitely gonna be stronger than one casted by someone like say sasuke. So its not unfeasible for it to be done. You are also forgetting another important factor. The uchiha have a strong ability to control the kyubi so even if kirama tried to break the genjutsu madara could easily put the kyubi in a genjutsu in a matter of seconds as my chapter suggested.

As for Shisui, you missed a critical chapter obviously. Itachi sealed in naruto some time ago a portion of Shisui's chakra including his sharingan ability. Although the ability was briefly used, as Itachi pointed out the sharingan jutsu in question is not useable again for a long time but some of shisui's latent chakra is now still with naruto. As for him showing up like that, I didn't suggest that they knew each other. Im more along the lines of suggesting that he plays a pivotal role in helping to keep naruto from being eventually possessed by madara.

As for the last one, you again have forgotten critical need to know information. Kushina was not in the pain fight and both of them essentially when they were brought out were more like chakra beings sealed within naruto much like how the kyubi is sealed within naruto. While they may have used some of their abilities to help naruto, there is no certainty yet on if that was indeed the last time we will ever see them. You gotta also remember that right now Kishi is pretty much bringing a lot of people that shouldn't be dead back from the dead and vice versa. It stands to reason that you shouldn't count any thing out at this point. Besides this is merely a speculative prediction at this point but I do suspect that some of these things are not out of the realm of possibly happening. With how silly kishi has been lately on writing you just never know.
Sure, you can base you theory on idea - that does, however, not make it correct. As far as we know, EDO lasts forever, or untill the caster releases the spell.

True, no-one has cast a genjutsu on Naruto in a long time. But, since then, we have learned, that there was simply no point in doing so - Naruto having the Kurama, to break the spell. Talking about the Uchiha-control over the Bijuu's, I don't think that matters, because like Kurama can free Naruto from genjutsu, so too, can Naruto free Kurama from Genjutsu. Madara would have to choose, which he would lay a Genjutsu on, for it to be effictive enough. He does not have infinite chakra to play around with. Also, even if the Tsukyumi is the strongest genjutst - Kurama and Naruto are the ones that would break it. They are the combined heroes of this manga, remember?

Regarding Shisui, I missed nothing, and apparently, noticed more than you did. Itachi used Shisui's eye to free himself, yes - and then he took the eye with him. The technique ended at that point. And so, there is none of his chakra left in Naruto.

True, I mixed up Kushina's appearence. My bad..

I will, however, still say, that her chakra within Naruto has dissappeared. She has no further use in this manga, and her part is done. She has done like a mother should do, encourage her child in the most of needs, and so, there is no longer a need for her. Same thoughts go for Minato, who, in the most dense situation for Naruto at the point, saved him, and encouraged him to do better. His part might no be over, but his actions within Naruto are.

If the case is, that both Kushina and Minato will appear again, Kishi will lose even more credibility than he already has, due to lack of both information on how long, and how much chakra can be stored within a person - and it would also be bad storytelling in general. If you could just keep on bringing back the same encouragements and peptalks again and again, nobody would read the manga. Although Talk-no-jutsu is a recurring event this series, it is never the same speach, and the same speaker.
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