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Re: Naruto 616 Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by jeanericuser View Post
I will be honest that some of my predictions are based on theories but then again that's one of the hallmarks of a prediction, theory. Predictions often are based on theories or ideas created by someone else with a certain measure of the facts added to create a supposition of what may or may not happen. While there is no certainty that the theories are right, the facts often are. I already state the facts of this situation and my given theories in my defense. The problem with refuting my theories is that they are not confirmed or unconfirmed so stating what is correct from what isn't correct when there isn't any evidence is generally a false assumption. At this time I will wait and see what kishi does as he will ultimately be the one that proves whether my theories are true or false. I won't be drawn any further into a debate with you two as I see no logical reason to but if others wish to do so in my stead that's their prerogative. I will for now wait and see what exactly is gonna happen in the next few chapters. By the way guys, if you hadn't be so quick to judge me so critically I might have released more of my predictions but then again when people face criticism to much they are often less inclined to put the effort in to write. I guess that's why some people don't predict as much any more. When you face too much criticism that you spend more time trying to defend what you write than predicting its generally a good indication that maybe you should stop predicting entirely. I guess that's why we have so few good prediction writers now. Consider that food for thought. I will be back when 616 is released.

See, now you are just being silly.

You wrote this: "While there is no certainty that the theories are right, the facts often are." - Dude. Facts are ALWAYS right. That is why they are called facts.

2nd of all: You need to stop crying. If you forgot already, though, I told you twice, I actually credited you for the goddamn creativity you have. If you gave less of a fuck about defending you work (Which you are actually not forced to do) you could focus on doing a better job instead. True, you have realized, that it was constructive criticism. Don't take shit personally, it is not. I just felt the need to tell you, why you prediction was not as good as it could have been. If you take into account the things we pointed out, you can easily make a better prediction next time you decide to write one.
2nd. coolest thread ever.
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