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Re: Naruto 616 Prediction Thread

So, jean, what you're saying is you know you are wring since I provided the proof for you being wrong, so you're going to take your ball and go home? Sound about right?

Edit (because I can):
Originally Posted by jeanericuser View Post
The problem with refuting my theories is that they are not confirmed or unconfirmed so stating what is correct from what isn't correct when there isn't any evidence is generally a false assumption.
But, in this case, they were confirmed to be false. I provided the evidence for that.

At this time I will wait and see what kishi does as he will ultimately be the one that proves whether my theories are true or false.
He proved them false in earlier chapters.

I won't be drawn any further into a debate with you two as I see no logical reason to but if others wish to do so in my stead that's their prerogative. I will for now wait and see what exactly is gonna happen in the next few chapters.
See my pre-edit response.

when people face criticism to much they are often less inclined to put the effort in to write.
Not really. Human nature is to overcome adversity. More often than not, in the face of criticism people accept it and adapt to it.

When you face too much criticism that you spend more time trying to defend what you write than predicting its generally a good indication that maybe you should stop predicting entirely.
God help you if you ever go for a Post-graduate degree and have to defend your dissertation.

I guess that's why we have so few good prediction writers now. Consider that food for thought. I will be back when 616 is released.
Here's food for thought - we don't have "prediction writers". Every long-winded post that doesn't entail "I believe *this* will happen because of *that event*" is NOT a prediction. The full-on chapter scripts we get in these threads are nothing more than fanfics.

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