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Re: Bleach 522

I just had a crazy idea when i was wondering why there where so many girl zanpakto with Nymaiya... I can see the girl calling him master being his zanpaktou materialized, but why would he have so many other and all girls where are their master? the only answer i can think is that since he creates zanpaktou and apparently repairs as well these ladies are Byakuyas zanpakto manifesting and that's why they are numerous like the petals of his blade! it is true that Byakuyas zanpakto has many more petals then this number of females but remember its being repaired so maybe it will take some time to bring them all back that could also explain how they knew ichigo was the one with orange hair and renji with red hair and their exitment is due to this being the first time they meet them outside of battle. This crazy theory could also explain why byakuya is so mellow infront of everyone including sexy women as he has to have a lot of patience for his zanpakto and that would explain his change of personality from when he was a hot headed kid chasing Yourouichi lol.
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