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Re: One Piece Z trailer/designs

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
They weren't friends, and Z was pretty adamant about going out fighting since he was dying of sickness anyway. He hated the marines for making the man who slaughtered his entire platoon a Shichibukai, and he hated pirates for killing his wife and child.

There is also the fact that Most of the VA's and Kizaru were there.
all the more reason why luffy wouldnt leave Z to fight alone. But even then I pretty much think he would never leave a battle letting someone cover up for him.
1. enies lobby where they faced the whole buster call, It doesnt matter to them how strong the enemies are.
2. Auction house where luffy didnot want Kidd's help
3. They are Strong (post arc time) so running away just because there is kizaru and the VA's???
Just saying

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