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Re: Naruto 616 Prediction Thread

A short prediction and is all talking, but, knowing Kishi, he'll probably throw us a breather chapter to calm down the fan wars.

Chapter 616: Revelation 13

(Naruto and Hinata are holding hands together and run towards the Juubi; Obito is frozen in place, with a clear troubled expression on his face)

Obito: (thinking) It seems I underestimated his will. I guess I have to use that…

(Flashback; inside a gloomy building in Kirigakure, Yagura enters a laboratory where a male Jonin medic is working.)

Yagura: Are you Tamago?

Tamago: Yes, Mizukage-sama. What bring you to my laboratory?

Yagura: I’ve heard you were working on a Fuuinjutsu for quite some time.

Tamago: Ah, my Nieru no Mejirushi*. But I’ve already talked about with you when we tested it in the War.

Yagura: Really? I don’t remember, refresh my memory.

Tamago: You don’t remember? You even scolded me for my platoon losing the guinea pig.

Yagura: Guinea pig?

Tamago: The Konoha kunoichi!

Yagura: A Konoha kunoichi?! Was her name Rin?

Tamago: Yes, I think so. We captured her in the frontier between Kusagakure and the Land of Fire and I applied the Fuuinjutsu on her myself, but she was rescued by a Konoha hin.

Yagura: …

Tamago: Unfortunately, we lost an entire squad trying to recapture her. Probably the inhuman power it gives allowed her to do so. I don’t know what happened to her, but she probably met the same fate as the other guinea pigs, considering my experimentations of the Fuuinjutsu after that incident still haven’t removed the side-effect of boiling the innards of the recipient. Until now, I was only able to delay that for some minutes.

Yagura: So she’d die anyway, right?

Tamago: What you mean, “anyway”?!

Yagura: Don’t mind that. Keep working on it.

Tamago: Will do, Mizukage-sama.

(Yagura exits the laboratory and walks through a shadowy corridor; in the shadows, a Sharingan reveals itself)

Obito: So that’s what happened…

* Mark of Double Advantage. Sounds the same as “Mark of [someone] being cooked”

(Back to the present; Obito is still thinking)

Obito: (thinking) Let’s see if you remain the same after having to kill what you cherish by your own hand, Naruto.

Madara: You are starting to bore me with your pauses, Obito.

Obito: Fine, I’ll take care of those two. I’ll disconnect from the Juubi for now.

(Obito’s connection with the Juubi recedes and the Juubi behaves startled for a moment, but soothes rapidly; Obito phases into his dimension)

Madara: (thinking) This will be interesting.

(Obito phases out in front of Naruto and Hinata)

Obito: I see you still push onwards your delusions!

Naruto: You!!!

Hinata: Careful, Naruto-kun! Please stick to the plan.

Obito: Plan? For what, to pile on the futility of your alliance? There’s nothing you can do to stop us or the Juubi!

Naruto: That’s what you think! I’ll make you regret all the words you said!

Obito: Not before I’ll make you regret bringing her here.

Naruto: Bring it on then!

(The three of them adopt battle poses)

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