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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by manta View Post
That's like your opinion man, I personally think its one of the best anime adaptations evah, sure they changed some stuff to fit in the movie (like the Oniwabanshu!), but to anyone that doesn't know Kenshin it's a solid film! Only complaint for me was Yahiko and Kaoru being almost minor characters.
Yeah to anyone who doesn't know's actually a good samurai movie, and quite frankly i didn't come across any review that have any complains about the movie(looks like am the only one)'s almost like animu fans are completely feed up from bad adaptations so they had very low expectations to the movie ever since it got announced, but when it turned out to be decent medium-high budget movie they went batshit crazy about how good it was.

To be fair they did a good choice of characters with Kenshin, Kaoru, Kanryuu and Jine Udo. Fighting scenes wasn't bad either. On the other side, Saito's acting was laughable and most of all you can't just axe a lead character like the goddamnt Shinomori Aoshi along with his group and then say you did a good movie this just takes the whole movie rating down to garbage. I hate to make such reference but it's exactly like making a Naruto live action movie without Sasuke.
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