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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Yes, the movie was more than 2 hours..long enough to fit the whole goddamn Oniwabanshu, instead, we spent that extra time watching Kanryuu show off his acting skills about how to be a complete dick.

I doubt that they will fit him in in later sequels, if you noticed, Kanryuu's bodyguard that Kenshin fought near the end was actually a Frankenstein merge between Aoshi (and you get that from the dagger and attitude) and hanya (you get that from the mask and appearance) so that's pretty much it for Aoshi. Besides, Aoshi's whole motive got triggered in Kanryuu's arc when his group got murdered and he wanted to kill the strongest (Kenshin) in order to tribute said title to his group, we are way beyond that point now so if they're adding him'd be through a complete character reboot which would be interesting to see, but somehow you know it ain't gonna happen.
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