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Re: Tactical Response CEO Threatens To 'Start Killing People' Over Possible Obama Gu

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
I'm all for the right to bare arms however there is a line between weapons used for self defense/hunting and weapons capable of mowing down highly populated areas in a manor of seconds.
I agree whole-heartedly with your statement. I actually don't have a problem with certain assault rifles being owned (as long as people follow the proper protocols). I do think there should be some legislation and enforcement against high capacity magazines (any magazine/drum that can hold 50+ rounds is too much for a civilian).

If you want to know why the NRA is up in arms about this, all you have to do is go back to Bill Clinton and when his administration attemtped to have the strictest guns laws put in place (at that time). If you do your proper research, you will also hear that the NRA thinks there needs to be some gun laws, like the ones that are already in place. They just need to be enforced. If the laws that are in place were enforced, several of these public shootings may not have happened. Also, what has been proposed takes the authority out of the local and state governments and hands it over to the federal government. That is why there is a huge outcry. Ever heard the saying, give 'em an inch and they take a mile? Need we bring up the Patriot Act?

Just remember, criminals don't obey laws, hence why they are criminals.

Just so you know, the military supported Republican candidates 3:1 at the primary level. Many don't support Obama now that he has cut the defensive budget that pertains to the veterans themselves, not defensive weapons (i.e. anti-missile systems and what not).

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