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Re: Fairy tail 314

Was it already answered why Jellal sensed Zeref's magic when he encountered Lucy? Sidenote: Here is hoping Mavis actually picks someone besides Cana lol for the Fairy Glitter...idk but it makes zero sense for her to have it...)besides an easy powerup) seems like Hiro doesn't know if she wants Cana to really have it or not.. Wondering exactly what Sting (Sabertooth dragon slayer) will pull out of his ass to be on Natsu's level...Kinda still disappointing that Fairy Tail dragon slayers barely or rarely use Dragon Force...kinda expected them to master using least base level. (esp after 7 years and second portion of magic reserves.)

Maybe I still find it kinda idiotic but why doesn't Wendy just go around eating air? Her stamina outside the other slayers should be incredible....She should be able to heal and assist in magic almost limitless...if she ate air as much as she whined she would be a powerhouse... I feel like her character is poorly utilized...i understand she is young and weak minded but damn....
outside of that...the competition so far has brought out some cool matches and effects..but as always with Fairy Tail parts are just rushed beyond belief....
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