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Re: Tactical Response CEO Threatens To 'Start Killing People' Over Possible Obama Gu

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
Absolute bullshit. Much like the Republicans were once the guys with a semblance of dignity and freed the slaves, there was a time when the NRA was for gun control but it isn't anymore for many years. If you do really proper research, you'd know the NRA is supporting various firearm producers and even said that the firearm industry struggle is the NRA struggle.
I expected such coming from a self-proclaimed left-leaner.

And like this piece of information, you'll find many more about the NRA being much more preoccupied with firearm profit rather than control, so it's preposterous and almost naive to say they just want the gun control laws to be enforced.
Funny, how the NRA heads have been quoted by the Washington Post, NY Times, FoxNews, CNN, Headline News... on and on... as saying they are in favor of gun laws. Num, I respect you as a fiction writer, but get your head out of the liberal agenda and do some fucking research... that doesn't come from a source that has a liberal agenda.

Then they're pussies. There have been so many issues that have been taken from state level to federal level: ban of slavery, women's rights, racial rights, legalization of homosexuality, etc. Gun control, in my humble opinion, should too be a federal issue.

What the flying fuck has the Patriot Act have to do with this? There's nothing on that Act that addresses shootings or gun control, unless you want to amend it so "domestic terrorism" includes single persons, which it does not at the moment.
It's the whole fucking reason why people don't want the fucking federal government to have authority over gun control. Many people supported the Patriot Act at the time it was created, because of the fear brought on by the 9/11 attacks (which we won't get into the conspiracy theories there, because good God, there are plenty to go around). The American people supported legislation, that in this very moment, many would not. Do you think the average American, especially those that own guns, legally mind you, are going to allow the federal government, that has basically fucked up everything it touches, have the authority over whether or not a civilian can defend him/herself. You're out of your fucking mind.

And coming from one of the resident supposed geniuses, I figured you would have been able to connect the dots, but damn. Do I have to connect the dots for you? Do you not see the parellels between the Patriot Act and the building points for this "new" legislation that Obama, Biden, and the Democrats are pushing for? Only difference, one was pushed by red, the other is being pushed by blue.

But many wouldn't be criminals if effective gun control laws and enforcement were placed. Now that's what this whole issue is about.
Seriously, you just proved how naive you are.

Color me surprised that the US military can express their political inclinations, because the Portuguese military are strictly forbidden of doing so under the penalty of being sued or even expelled from the military forces they serve. That's because the military are to serve the Government and the people it represents, not their political preferences and I'm pretty sure the US military aren't immune to that duty.

So what if the military have a Republican inclination? If a Democratic government orders them to nullify a domestic terrorism cell (which is ironically what the "NRA army" would be considered under the Patriot Act), the military is obliged to do as told, because the "NRA army", if it were to happen, would threaten both the Government and the US citizens.
I thought you would know that, seeing how you know so damn much about the U.S. and it's government and policies. You're just a liberal tool, that is all you are. Hell, I know dozens of Democrats that I call friends that don't want the government touching this issue. Big difference between you and them, they are U.S. citizens. You're not.
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