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Re: Tactical Response CEO Threatens To 'Start Killing People' Over Possible Obama Gu

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post
I expected such coming from a self-proclaimed left-leaner.
A left-leaner that is very moderate by European standards, mind you.

Funny, how the NRA heads have been quoted by the Washington Post, NY Times, FoxNews, CNN, Headline News... on and on... as saying they are in favor of gun laws. Num, I respect you as a fiction writer, but get your head out of the liberal agenda and do some fucking research... that doesn't come from a source that has a liberal agenda.
O'rly? I didn't know we were still in an year prior to 1977.

Wasn't it Wayne LaPierre, the executive vice president of the NRA who said that schools should go on an arming spree to protect the kids and that gun laws shouldn't be changed because of single madmen because it would harm lawful gun owners? In addition to that, the NRA gains members every time the government thinks of changing the gun laws to be stricter which wouldn't be a thing if they were in the same page as the government. Hell, it's even a known fact that the NRA is supported by various gun manufacturers.

Considering all that, it's pretty easy to say that, even if they said what you are stating, (to which I can't find a reliable source. I can't even find straightforward answers in the NRA site, buried under the tons of semantical dodges that make Cactuars look paralyzed), they clearly aren't doing what they're preaching.

It's the whole fucking reason why people don't want the fucking federal government to have authority over gun control. Many people supported the Patriot Act at the time it was created, because of the fear brought on by the 9/11 attacks (which we won't get into the conspiracy theories there, because good God, there are plenty to go around). The American people supported legislation, that in this very moment, many would not.
While I do agree the Patriot Act is flawed as fuck and should be either heavily amended or simply tossed away to make way for a better act on terrorism, let's not commit the fallacy of equating the Patriot Act to gun control. The Patriot Act was pretty much spawned from the heat of a sporadic event (terrorism), while gun control laws have been advocated for years and reflect on a recurrent event, firearm violence. And, to be honest, why the fuck not hand over this kind of law to federal level? I mean, what's would be the use of a gun control law if it was enacted on specific states but you can just skip the state border and go bananas?

Do you think the average American, especially those that own guns, legally mind you, are going to allow the federal government, that has basically fucked up everything it touches, have the authority over whether or not a civilian can defend him/herself. You're out of your fucking mind.
No, you're the one out of your mind considering the fallacies you committed:
  • "especially those that own guns, legally mind you" reeks of No True Scotsman fallacy. You think that all gun-related felons acquired their guns illegally? No, many of them acquired their guns in the most legal of ways and that didn't stop them from committing said felonies. So you can't separate the felons from the law-abiding under that criteria.
  • "the federal government, that has basically fucked up everything it touches" is just hilarious in so many ways. I don't whether to make a communist joke or an evil government allegory.
  • Gun control isn't in any way, shape or form taking away the citizens' ability to defend themselves, it only wants to make sure said defending isn't with absurdly deadly weapons.
Seriously, you just proved how naive you are.
You're the naive one here. You seem to think all people who commit gun-related felonies are shady folks with connections to the black market who can just buy any gun any time. That's not the reality, not even by a long shot. Many times they're just people with perfectly legal guns and a fucked up reason to use them.

Let's face it, people are lazy and cheap when it comes to killing, that's why firearms compose 67% of homicides way above other methods of killing that would actually require some skill other than pull a trigger. If stricter gun laws would be in place, not only would they be forced to search for the black market for more potent guns, the black market itself would become more expensive since both circulation and manufacture of more potent guns would be very damaged, inflating the price. Not everyone who suddenly wants to kill their boss is willing to put up with that shit.

I thought you would know that, seeing how you know so damn much about the U.S. and it's government and policies.
I know some stuff, I never claimed to know everything, so this quote is useless.

You're just a liberal tool, that is all you are.
It's funny how American right-wingers toss "liberal" as derogatory when in Europe it is considered a complement by many. I'm not a "liberal tool", I'm only saying it as I see it. I see absolutely no logical reason to not implement a stricter gun control considering the ridiculous high gun violence in the US, now the issue is how it should be handled and that's what you guys in the US should be thinking about instead of covering your ears and go "la la la, I can't hear you, don't touch mah guns!"

Hell, I know dozens of Democrats that I call friends that don't want the government touching this issue. Big difference between you and them, they are U.S. citizens. You're not.
It's funny how that works in my favor, because you're indirectly calling me neutral to the subject. And, as someone coming from a culture where guns are rare (8.5 per 100 people vs the 88.8 of the US) and gun deaths are little (1.4 deaths per 100k people vs 10.3 of the US) even when weapon traffic is piss easy because of the proximity with Morocco and strong ties with Latin America, I can say that the US really needs to go deep into this issue.
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