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Re: Naruto 615

First of all I'd like to restate that I am a longtime NaruHina subscriber and I still think Kishi owes us a flashback of Naruto talking to Hinata soon after she professed her love for him, oh so very long ago.

Secondly, I'm really not sure about the significance of the two of them pairing up now.

I do believe that Hinata has potential to be among the strongest of female shinobi, would be nice to have some proof to that point, but all Kishi has given me is that she has at least faced Pain/Nagato. (Yes I remember, it wasn't pretty)

All I can come up with is the old reference that Hyuuga can increase the flow of chakra as well as stopping it, which to me says that she theoretically could manually open Naruto's Chakra Gates the way Guy does and make him much more powerful than he currently is.

Presumably the Kyuubi could feed Naruto enough chakra to sustain the technique, and heal him enough to keep him from dying

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