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Re: One piece 695

Great chapter loved every moment of it.

Looking at some of the comments I do agree with some of them. The Baby 5 one though I am a bit upset with her going down so fast. Yes as Dag mentioned they both demonstrated high durability but still she had an awesome DF and I thought she would last a bit longer.

Again something Dag said was funny, the next chapter to come I think its going to be more like Alabasta as I said before, Kinemon and his son playing the parts of Vivi and the duck as they are the ones to show the SH's around Wano. With Donflamingo playing the Crocodile role. The reason I said it was funny was yeah it is similar again as the best numbers were kept behind like Donflamingo has done.

Law and Donflamingo ! Damn I cant wait to get into there history. Someone mentioned Donflamingo might be a noble, if he what if Law is a noble too ? Heck maybe even related and in the same family ? Wanting to take the head seat as it was mentioned in this chapter ?

The guy on the float, wasnt there another person from Donflamingo crew sent to the island ? And when Don does get there I imagine him doing something like crushing an island, before getting his crew back and Caesar.

And am I the only one who is thinking its about time Ussop took advantage of Sea Stone ? I mean always wanted him to make pellets or something, glad hes got some cuffs.
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