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Re: Naruto 616

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
I got the feeling they were shell about the Jyuubi's Chakra, he's using immense natural chakra. I didn't think it was for Naruto's power boost. Think it, they can't be nearby each other, therefore I'd think the shock and even discomfort of Sasuke, as per Oro would be coming from the larger power source that has let off nukes. Kurama/Naruto together alone couldn't be more than 10% of Jyuubs overall power, can't beat math.

I agree with only concern is why would the Juubi's chakra bother Sasuke a little??? (besides being a foe Sasuke alone cannot defeat) Naruto's rise in power would be something Sasuke would instantly notice. At this point its a noticeable chakra. Oro and Sasuke alone have experienced. Also they would have noticed the sinister chakra of the Juubi earlier on. Esp since it is on it's second stage. Anyhoo brother man your point I still agree with. (bottom left)

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