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Re: Naruto 616

Originally Posted by jericho Uzimaki View Post
yeah read the mangastream.

Says it annoys him (Sasuke) because it's Naruto's.

They are in Konoha so they may be there for Karin. Her sensor abilities may be needed. But I highly doubt they are going to the Uchiha Hideout.
1. Sasuke knows where it is.
2. It was mostly destroyed when Itachi and Sasuke fought.
3.There is no one there to answer any questions.


it can amount to "hawk" taking control of the war or
Provide Sasuke with Answers.

Due to Orochimaru saying "why do you want to talk to them?"
and Sasuke saying, "they are the only human beings that can answer my question?"

I would have to say it is either the So6P (and maybe his wife) or his Offspring.

He wants to know what a ninja is a clan and a family? The creators of the ninja system would have those answers.
If they are in Konoha, then those Konoha elders must have the scroll then. I wonder if Sasuke will play nice with them? Probably not since they were part of the Uchiha massacre plot.
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