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Re: Naruto 616

Originally Posted by ExplosiveArt View Post
If they are in Konoha, then those Konoha elders must have the scroll then. I wonder if Sasuke will play nice with them? Probably not since they were part of the Uchiha massacre plot.
They are def in Konoah...look at the beginning of the chapter...then notice the mountain top behind them..those are the Kage faces built into the mountain...What threw so many off was the tall towerish buildings that Konoah never had before. I don't think they are headed to the Uchiha hideout..I mean what else could be hidden there? There is a reason Oro is leading the party and we should focus on that. Those before thought that it had something to do with Edo Tensei which could still be possible.Though to come this far? I am starting to doubt that idea? I have a feeling it will be something Oro needs to pull off whatever summoning is in that scroll.
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