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Re: Soul Eater 106

Originally Posted by LonelyNinja View Post
Maybe it isn't Maka, but I know someone has a healing wavelength. Maybe Tsubaki. Fuck knows. Although, an exorcist wavelength would still help in this situation, since Maka could exorcise Crona from the Kishin.
Yeah I can't remember who has the healing wavelength. I know for sure Maka has the exorcist wave because of her interaction going within Soul's mind. Dealing with the black blood and separating Soul from it. Yeah though as we both agree Maka will exorcise the Kishinn..Black Star and Kidd will help her until they get smacked back.. I was hoping this could be the arc where Kidd takes the Shinigami role..but honestly he isn't ready yet..the plot device that Shinigamis soul is trapped around death city to protect it is the main reason Shinigami had such a difficult time stopping Kishinn. Kidd isn't ready yet and we also have yet to see the full might of the Death Scythes in general. We will see what will come of this situation next week.
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