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Re: One piece 695

Originally Posted by Shrike View Post
Great chapter, I loved Franky. Nami and Usopp, too. Too bad for Baby 5 and Buffalo though, but they were heavily undermanned to fight them there. Dunno who the guy in the end is, but I absolutely cannot wait for Doflamingo to arrive.

Also, I don't think Jack is related to Joker. It seems to me that these underworld brokers are just ranked like that: Joker, Ace (dunno who that could be), Jack, Spade (Spade pirates? Did we ever see anyone from Ace's crew?), Heart (Law and his Heart Pirates [and here I thought it was because he rips out hearts]), Diamonds (doubt it's Jozu, but whatever). It's just a fanfiction, too, but it makes sense to me.

Edit: and seagull what? I don't see any bird in there. I'm confused.
Shrike look at the silhouette, its a man sitting on top of a first I thought the entire shadow to be a man..then I noticed the beak and how the bird is nested on the waters surface (floating). The man is atop it's head.
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