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Re: Naruto_617_predictions/spoilers

Hi, i tried to create this thread few hours ago, but it didn't work. Instead blank white window appeared after I pressed "Submit new thread" button.

Can Someone tell me, what reasons could be that I couldn't creat thread

Below I post my prediction, so I hope you enjoy reading it

KCMNaruto is my nick on

617 - Shikaku Great plan

Alliance Shinobi counter attack !

Naruto in tailed beast mode is shown with fist put on his chest as his face is filled with courage and strong will. On Naruto left side Kakashi is standing smilling, Ten ten is standing in front of Naruto with lee standing next to to Ten Ten with Neji dead body in his arms. Next to Lee Gai is standing with serious look on his face. On Naruto right side Hinata in old Kurama cloak is standing as she exchanges her looks with Naruto while smilling to each other.

Naruto: The shinobi has to endure pain, loss of our close friends, I will protect this world along with my friends, all shinobi alliance.
Kakashi: heh...
Gai(looks at Neji then approach Naruto): Naruto, I have request.
Naruto(turns to Gai): What is it, Gai sensei ? *that look in his eyes, he is serious*
Gai: I try just to keep my anger in control after neji death, so please give us these cloaks as others, so I with my former team can take revenge on them while helping everyone.
Naruto: I understand, give me your hand, Gai, Lee, Ten Ten
Gai: ok
Lee(looks sad at Lee then raise his head, then extend his hand to Naruto):
Ten Ten(looks sad at Lee then at Neji, then go to Naruto): thank you very much, Naruto(smiles a bit)
Naruto: just use it well as others (thumbs up)

Gai approaches Naruto, with Lee and Ten Ten are comming just after Gai, as they clap their hands with Naruto being in tailed beast mode. Gai, Lee and Ten Ten are enveloped by Kurama old chakra cloak as they pull their hands from Naruto then turn their sight to Juubi.

Gai: I am so full of youthfull energy, whoaa!!
Lee(looks at Neji dead body then turns to Juubi): Neji I am gonna avenge you, Gai sensei I am so ready to show them my youth too !
Ten ten: Neji..., your death is not gonna be forgotten I promise! *wow, this chakra I am gonna to try this banana fan with new power*

Meanwhile, Shikamaru try to bind Juubi in place, but is slowly pushed back as he is struggling to keep his shadow bind active with rest of Nara clan members who are about to loose their grasp of Juubi. In background Naruto clones in tailed beast mode clap their hands with all shinobi alliance, transfering a bit of kurama chakra to everyone.

Chouji(as he is pushed back slowly): dammit, I can't keep this monster forever in place.
Ino: Chouji, keep it !
Kiba: great move, Ino

Chouji along with rest of Akamichi clan members try to keep Juubi motionless, but they are still keep being pushed back. In the background Ino is shown along with Kiba in Kurama old cloak while one of Naruto clones transfer his chakra to Kakashi and all other captains, Kitsuchi, Darui, Mifune and Shizune.

Kakashi: wow, that a great chakra I feel now, I am going to get great use of this power.
Kitsuchi: Thanks you a lot, Naruto. I will strengthen my earth techniques with this chakra I got.
Darui: so that is power of Jinchurki, I will use my storm release imadieatly
Mifune: ninja this day became really so powerfull, as Samurai I will show enemy what I am made of.
Shizune: Thanks a lot

Shikamaru is shown panting heavily, as his shadow binding begin to break apart, while old kurama cloak around Shikamarau is decreasing in size and slowly fade away.

Sakura: Thanks a lot Naruto, I will heal faster our shinobi then support you.
Naruto: ok, good luck...
Shino: So finally you didn;t forget about me, Naruto
Naruto: *he is so weird*, um... yeah.

Madara and Obito are standing attached to Juubi, while Madara enjoy watching alliance shinobi teamwork, Obito began to loose his calmness.

Obito(looks mad): I will crush them !
Madara(amused): hmm... looks like this guy Naruto by sharing his chakra with others, filled them with courage and hope.
Obito(looks mad): I didn't expect that
Madara(annoyed): Still , he is sharing his chakra with others so easily, did he really believe there in no drawback to it ?!
Obito(curious): What do you mean ?
Madara(no emotions): simple, amount of chakra he can give to others is limited, besides it's duration time is limited as well. There is even more, so just watch
Obito(furious): do not order me around, I am in charge !
Madara(annoyed): Yeah, do as you want. *i don't care about you anymore*

Meanwhile Shikamaru shout something to Naruto while in background one of Naruto tailed beast mode clones clap his hand with Sakura and Shino who are slowly approach Naruto from behind his back.

Shikamaru: Damn it..., at this rate I will lose (turns to Naruto), Naruto, I need more of kyuubi chakra !
Naruto: ?!, ok, I will give you more then
Kurama: NO!
Naruto: what ?!
Kurama: Naruto, go inside your mind I will explain you...
Naruto: ok

Naruto&Kurama inner talk

Naruto: I am here, so why can't I give more our chakra to them ?
Kurama: Indeed it was genious plan to do it, but you can't give them my chakra anymore, you can give them only limited amount of our chakra and even then their bodies couldn't handle our powerfull chakra, do you understand now ?
Naruto(hit his both fists in ground): Damn..., so maybe we could transfrom them in tailed beast mode...
Kurama(sigh): Again wrong !, tailed beast mode is only exclusive to Jinchurki, besides they couldn't handle this amount of chakra, their bodies are not trained to handle it.
Naruto: So we have to gain a more time ?
Kurama: No, it would be useless, your case is special as you came from Uzumaki clan who are connected to Sage of six paths himself, that why your bijuu mode is so different from other jinchurki.
Naruto: I get it (naruto is shown in thinking state)
Kurama: Enough, we can't waste time anymore.
Naruto: right !

Naruto&Kurama inner talk

Shikamaru: Naruto, damn give me more chakra !
Naruto: Shikamaru, I am sorry but I can't...
Shikamaru: what ?!
Shikaramu: Naruto, there is no time to joke around !
Naruto: Yeah, but ?! I got some idea
Shikamaru: hurry up, Juubi almost broke up from my shadow binding !
Naruto: on my way!

Meanwhile Obito and Madara are standing attached to Juubi. Obito is greatly concerned about Naruto new resolve while Madara enjoy looking at Shinobi alliance efforts to stop Juubi.

Obito: Damn..., why they don't give up already ?, what keep them still from giving up !
Madara: Naruto, that Nine tails Jinchurki, it is him who give them hope to win...
Obito: Naruto..., Damn..., why can't I break your will, why ?!
Madara: *looks like Obito is loosing his mind slowly, but Naruto, that Nine tails jinchurki has quite usefull powers, to find new way to share chakra with others, what a guy...* (smirks)

One of Naruto clones being in tailed beast mode appear in flash behind Shikamaru, then put his both hands on Shikamaru back, transfering more chakra to Shikamaru, letting him to use more chakra to make shadow binding stronger. Meanwhile Chouji is struggling to keep his ground as he is pushed back with great pressure while his kurama cloak fade away slowly around Chouji.

Shikamaru: So much of chakra..., thanks a lot Naruto !
Shikamaru: Naruto please help Chouji too !
Naruto clone: on my way already !

Another of Naruto clones in tailed beast mode appear in flash behind Chouji then put his both hands on chouji back as he transfer his chakra to Chouji, letting him to use more chakra to use more strength to stop juubi movement,
Kurama: Naruto !
Naruto: ?!
Naruto: What do you want Kurama
Kurama: you really surprised me too, to find way around these side effects and limits of using my chakra.
Naruto: hehe
Kurama: Enough of our little talk, focus on enemies
Naruto: right !

All captains are standing around Naruto, then they give orders to all other shinobi to attack...

Kakashi: We are goona create cement prison again with powered up by Kurama your abilities, shinobi !
Kitsuchi: People of rock village, attack !
Earth release users: Earth release: shift of the core of the earth !
Mifune: lava release users, attack !
Lava release users: Lava release: Youton Sekkaigou no jutsu
Mifune: Water release users, attack !
Water release users: Suiton Suidan no jutsu !
Kakashi: Surutobi clan, attack !
Sarutobi clan: Katon Gouen no jutsu !
Darui: Lightining release users, attack !
Lightining release users: Lightining release: Pillars of lightining !

Juubi is shown surrounded by earth walls from all sides, then lava hurt it a bit but mixed with water making it cement, then fire release users hit this cement on juubi with fire technique cause it to make fast dry. Finally lightining release users paralyze it. Juubi try to break up from this cement prison, slowly making it crack, but then even more support comes.

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