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Re: Bleach 523

Originally Posted by ckraizitee View Post
Whoo hoo, i called her being one of the originals!

Re: Bleach 520
I think she was one of the original division. The one at the right of yamamoto i.e readers left.
She may have been part of the eradication of quincy, maybe she is one of the war potentials to juha bach since he may have seen her poewer.
props to you sir but it was kinda an easy assumption...esp since the last chapter stating she was the first Kenpachi. I actually thought she could of been part of the 1 generation due to her relationship with the Yama. Kubo obviously saved her till this arc for a reason. I am just curious about her wound and the last time her and Kenpachi fought....she has this sadistic appeal that is so dark. She used to have a kind, reserved coy look... Now she looks like she will eat your soul while peeling back your skin...for someone who has the power to heal it's ironic she was once a bloodied villain.
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