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Re: Naruto 616

Guy should die, his existence is taking the shine off Lee, Lee should be the one opening gates not guy , guy has opened gates so much lee opening it may not offer anything new.

Btw I just read the 2nd the most unconvincing battle victory after that useless irritating victory of Nami(a young girl that has never fought or killed a person) over ms double finger a trained and one of the top assassins in bq(an assassins guild), while nami walked away with 2 flesh wounds despite her opponents abilities.
Luffy's victory over noro noro beam guy. Luffy receives up to 100 punches and a direct bomb explosion and also receives giant flaming punches only to get up to end the battle in one punch(he landed about 4 punches the whole fight).

I write this because people complain about random power ups in naruto, which i also don't like but the way one piece was praised as a "benchmark " i thought i was going to read a serious, convincing plot no justuless manga, alas the king of plot dwells within its pages. It's a fun manga but it should not be taken seriously. I went in expecting too much, you hyper spoiled it for me. May be im just too old for that shit.
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