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Re: Naruto 616

I agree with luffy being rubber therefore can take more damage.
But please dont defend nami's battle, there is a reason i mention ms D fingers was a trained assassin, she should not be missig over 50 attacks against nami, when she has defeated, im assuming, more powerful opponents.(how did she successfully assassinate anyone if she cant land a critical hit on{one} nami.)
You talk about being backed by canon yet you say because she steals from pirates she has battle skills, she never fought anyone till ms D fingers. She uses her mind, craftiness or negotiates with her navigational and mapping knowledge(arlong park).
She uses her mind not her fists to survive in the world of pirates.
How can you say you cant see anything strange in this; Nami who had not trained in canon or shown training or said to have ever trained in battle defeated an assassin on her own. If sakura defeated sasori on her own, people would probably call foul, even though she was said to have been trained in battle for about 3 years by an hokage(canon), but you see nothing strange in nami's fiight?

maybe you like the manga too much to accept the plot no jutsu or you read that part when you were younger.
ps I used canon.
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