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Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
For fuck's sake, ckraizitee, this is the second time you start complaining about OP in a Naruto thread. You want to criticize OP, fair enough, but stop posting in the wrong section for such.

And it's clear you didn't read what I wrote last time:
Suspension of Disbelief is not the same for every piece of fiction. Comparing One Piece to Naruto again
I agree, i would not have complained if people weren't comparing th 2, it because of this i decided to read one piece thinking its a better version of naruto, but when i started reading, especially at grand line i immediately realized they were 2 absolutely different worlds.
I wrote those things so that people would agree that one piece is no any better at avoiding plot no jutsu or i be stronger because of me fredzz, since they were basically calling it perfect, it is a creative world(blew my mind, does oda also draw th backrounds?) with fun characters. But not perfect as they hyped.

Originally Posted by Shrike View Post
Lol, look at Dagoro defending his precious OP. Let me tell you this bro - OP is far more nonsensical generally then Naruto is. It's just that OP was goofy to begin with and Naruto was not, so bad writing is easier to spot in Naruto. Also, fights in OP can't be taken seriously in 70% of the cases. It's like good guys get so much beating and then wind up winning, no suspension of disbelief would make it a good writing. Look at you trying to rationalize a kids manga, what a sad sight. HxH and Naruto battles are far better then the ones Oda has to offer. It's just that it's a real fun manga. As far as the characters go, OP beats all other Shounen by miles. Doesn't mean it doesn't have flaws.

Also ckaraizitee bro, don't take OP battles so seriously. To an extent, it's a gag manga. Just relax and enjoy it, trust me the manga's worth reading definitely.
You typed the words right out of my fingers. Now I can enjoy the manga knowing that im sane and im not the only one who see's it.

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