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Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
One Piece is a goofy manga about fake pirates whose leader is mentally retarded. One Piece has horrible pacing issues at times which can make the manga uninteresting to say the least. If you enjoy the manga good for you but at the same time stop trying to force feed it down people's throats as if it's the greatest piece of literature ever.
The pacing is so bad I don't understand how people follow it weekly.
I have about 500 chapters on my laptop, im on chp 300 or so, the story was so streched I had to stop reading for some time because it became boring e.g.

-going up into sky island. At the end of the chapter we see th sea shoot them up, one will expect them to have laded at the beging of the next chapter but nooo, they use about quarter or half a chapter to maintain balance on the wave before landing, now was that necessary?

-then the eneru(god of sky island) battle,did it really have to be that long? I had all the chapters already yet i couldn't stand reading it anymore.

And about suspension of belief, is it only the good guys that get that? The good guys were just receiving 20million volts of electricity like the man was using a clown buzz glove, then as usual eneru gets some punches and looses.
Im using on screen keyboard, my keyboard is bad, my hands be hurting so i wouldnt say more.
ps dagoro you've still not justified nami's victory against ms. D fingers.
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