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Re: Naruto 616

I will agree, Naruto characters once (part one..early early part 2) left me on the edge of my seat. Their attributes and character traits were so different from one another, making the manga/anime a prize to read/watch. Each character dynamically standing out. Up until the pain saga the momentum with the story and the characters just felt empty. Now with the war going on the energy doesn't even fit. Naruto dialogue wise has diminished and the characters are poorly exercised. With everything going on within the current arc you would expect tense and thrilling sensations reading it. The lack of a clear direction and personality is what ruined this manga.

You can't even compare it to One Piece...with Naruto at least the author tries to have some things make sense...even in a artificial ninja world... Some things can seem realistic to the reader. With OP everything feels like a make believe world where our imagination runs wild. We aren't shitted on in terms of character development or excitement. The story is presented in such a immature way that it is easy to pick up and follow. The battles as said are not what you would expect in most mangas or as in Naruto. Naruto's battles are scaled to be somewhat believable. where as OP everything is so over the top it ridicules the serious tone it attempts to present. Where OP leads in areas Naruto fails badly. Pro's of OP are simply Story, plot, Speed (transitional speed between arcs), character use and energy. OP is an extremely fun read if you don't look too much into the abilities and traits of the characters and locations. OP can overwhelm you on what it presents....most times a good thing...but alas Naruto can annoy you just as easily due to the terrible writing and poor direction (of what is supposed to be the most climatic arc there ever was in this manga) of the story and misuse of the characters.

It is not that Naruto < OP...that is up to us to decide personally...but for me... Naruto has really fell off the high horse... Naruto as a protagonist was someone who would work hard and train to be the best...even through failure he could end up on top. Kishi just obliterated Naruto's work ethic in replace for some strong parental the process of giving him uber parents he destroyed the hardest working knucklehead in Konoah....His repetitive nature and quotes...Kishi has not shown the development that we have seen in Luffy...even after the time skip Naruto was basically the same...even Sasuke called him out on it...

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