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Re: Naruto 616

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
At times the pacing is horrible. Freezing a tease situation to explain unnecessary back story which spans several chapters is in no way good pacing. You become less interested in what is being shown since it interrupted a very important situation going on in real time.
Oh noes, how dare the author provide backstory to flesh out characters and the plot concerning them when it's relevant?! Gee, he should know by now nobody has the patience for poignant information that makes the resolve of the tension that much stronger!

I'll give you that Oda does exaggerate in his flashbacks and could cut them a little shorter, but you're equivocated if you think switching from tension to backstory is bad pacing. It's not, it's simply a switch from conflict to exposition.

Truly bad pacing is when the author bounces between extremes, like spending an entire arc where the characters just spend their time talking about their dreams and eating pastry and then switch to another arc which is just drama upon conflict upon drama. And no, I'm not making that up, there are actually works of fiction with that kind of pacing, so while One Piece pacing is indeed slow, it's balanced. Now that you get whiplash from the switches is another thing, but Oda does make up for it for making the flashbacks enhance the current situation.

@ the rest of your post: of course people have different opinions. I simply can't tolerate Bleach when people here do still. But we get it, you are not into One Piece and I respect that, but to repeatedly jump into its discussion with the intentionally malformed arguments you use everytime is, as I said, getting old. I know you know better and it disappoints me you still do that.

@apocalypz: I think Kishi simply doesn't know what the fuck to do with Naruto (the character) anymore. I've already ranted about the 180ยบ turn of characterization on Naruto from the hardworking underdog to the Super Messiah figure, but now vs Obito the characterization is just mind-boggling. It's like he was a tennis ball being bounced from the altruistic messiah to the guy who depends on everyone else to get shit done. Even worse, I don't know what his stance on peace/death of peers is anymore because Kishi just dances around on the issue every chapter with awfully crammed-in phrases that it doesn't give the reader a clear perception of what Naruto stands for that isn't downright changed in the next chapter.

And to add insult to the injury, we know he can be consistent in characterization while progressing the characters in this battle, being both Obito and Hinata examples of such, so why can't he do the same to the damn protagonist?!
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