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Re: Naruto_617 and why did Obito and Madara allow themselves to get hit? Why couldn't obito just Kamui himself and the links to the Jyuubi? Maybe that was Kakashi's doing, but why didn't Madara just do....any of the number of bad ass things he's shown himself to be capable of?

How did the kyuubi have enough chakra to pull this shit? He ran out of chakra not that long ago, and he regained THIS much that quickly?

Ah what ever, I just SINCERELY hope that we have a few Sasuke focused chapters so we can see what the actual fuck he's been after and how he can hope to stand against Naruto. Also, took a second glance through to see what happened with Naruto and his shoulder. If holding hands started shit, what will a shoulder tap cause?
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