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Re: Bleach 524

Originally Posted by KingZER0 View Post
Holy cheeseballs could it be that the statment unohana said about not having time before to use those tricks mean that kenpachi was stronger before, and perhaps the sin she talks about may have to do with her wounding him so bad he has a sort of amnesia about his past??!?

If this is so kenpachis powerup might be more along the lines of remembering or retrieving what has been lost!
Yes....he has gotten, IMO I don't think amnesia. He is also still using one handed swordsmanship. As he was trained by Yama to use two handed attacks..he was shown to be so powerful Yama stopped training him. His power is in his hands...remember when he fought that Arancar in Hueco Mundo (minitri spl?) He beat him by using a two handed attack. Unohara(spl) even says his weakness pretty much is in his attack. His powerup will be simply bankai...he never tries to communicate with his Zanpackto (spl lol). That is also the issue, he has zero bonds with his sword. He believes in his own strength. The very issues Ichigo is being taught right now..Once Zaraki matures into the true art of fighting/killing..he will improve greatly.
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