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Re: Naruto_617

Last Chapter: WTF? How is everyone using Kyuubi Chakra so casually?

This Chapter: WTF? How is LEE using Kyuubi Chakra at all.

This manga is seriously becoming unbearable for me to read. Are we really going to just accept the fact that with a simple pat on the back Naruto can analyze peoples chakra type and custom fit the kyuubi's chakra to fit them. REALLY? The same Naruto that not too long ago was staring at armadillo penis, had his world (well turtle island actually) literally flipped upside down, and never knew it. No. I reject this storyline.

On the topic of handing out Kyuubi chakra like candy, I will simply say it's the most ridiculous thing ever. EVAR!!! It completely shits on the entire past 10 years of this manga. Especially the parts about him learning to use the Kyuubi chakra. It also shits on this whole shinobi alliance. Thousands of people showed up to help and were barely holding there own, and then Naruto gives about 30 or so people a high-five, and the whole battle shifts in their favor. LMAO!!! I could under stand if the kyuubi chakra made them all 10 times stronger. Or maybe even just 5 times. But only 3? Da' Fuck? These alliance clowns couldn't even touch Obito and Madara before, but with only a 3 times power up you got Lee blitzing Madara. FUCK THAT.

Edit: LOL, reading this chapter somehow reminded me of the Cell Saga of DBZ. You guys remember when Goku and Gohan came out from their training in the Hyberbolic Time Chamber, and they were just casually strolling around as Super Saiyans having lunch and shit like it was no big deal. That's basically where Naruto is right now. Difference is Goku didn't high-five Krillin and Mr. Popo, and turn them into a super saiyans. Because that would be horrible writing. Extremely horrible. And yet in this manga it's somehow justified. Seems odd to me. Just sayin'.

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