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Re: Naruto_617

Originally Posted by thibs View Post
First off. why is this story manga so unbelievable? i mean did a lot of complainers forget this is a make believe story where physics dont apply? i mean for gosh sakes theyre leaping in the air 50 stories high.

2nd thing all those that say madara cant be hit by lee cuz hes a nobody...maybe madara just didnt care if he got hit cuz i dont maybe hes immortal? maybe the whole sense of urgency for his plan is not there because hes not alive and he cant become a host yet? maybe hes plotting this against obito and he has a grander plan? or simply kishi is just giving lee who just lost his best friend and rival some spot light.... i mean typically in manga series a person who just loses theyre friend lover etc. get a little air time reguardless if that character has no chance against them.

3rd... the ten tails is not in its complete form if im not mistaken...doesnt it have a 3rd form to become complete? so isnt it possible that the kyuubis powered chakra ninjas can do something like this to the jyuubi thats not even in its complete form? and i agree partly that the kyuubi has a big chunk of the chakra for 10 tails in general and that the 9 and 8 tails are definitely stronger then the other tailed beasts. combining all the tails without the actual kyuubi and hachiibi in the ten tails may have something more to do with the power of the ten tails being pushed back by all the cloaked ninjas.

4th...high fives a lil korny ya....but i mean this isnt a 18+ manga with a lot of blood gore and sex...its understandable that this is probly meant for 13-17 year old i mean...ya alot of us were that age if not younger when starting this manga....the action and korny stuff like talk no jutsu is meant for the age appropriate stop complaining about that stuff....working out problems through talking rather then killing if possible is without a doubt a theme to this series.

5th...just an observation but very annoying and maybe i dont care to see whos posting wat every week but i mean....a lot wish for sasukes return...then 3 or 4 weeks into it when kishi reminds u that hes obsessed with revenge that you will just bash on sasuke again....kishi will never win with everyone alllll the time....geeez just be patient and do something with ur lives every week.

and last but most important. i know a lot of the complainers week in and week out have invested a lot of years in manga....but come on to those that have to post hate....i mean why do u even bother reading it every week....seems like u all can write a better manga. so please do so so we can all complain especially kishi when u start to write something for 10 years and come out with some outlandish creation....why not just wait till its complete then read the rest that u missed if u have to know wat happens and then never pick it up again...its like a soap opera everytime on forums to see u all say this is garbage this cant happen. its so unbearable to read yet i read it anyways.......i dont get it....ur reading manga for crying out load its suppose to be unbelievable ninjas jumping from tree to tree. having powers of elements...kishi has been writing this story for many years and had a basic layout of how he wanted to write this....but its not like he knew every chapters layout from the start. so the inconsistencies are obviously gunna be there...

basically to those that complain and realllllly seem mad about the whole manga....rethink wat ur doing...can u drop this manga cuz ur so angry at the story? can u just wait till its all written thennn read it to end the story? so many options for you rather then read it and be miserable cuz u have to wait every week to read this....

long rant probly will be ignored thank you for your time
I won't ignore you...your opinion is your ours is ours.....Some of us complain because of what it used to be vs where it's heading...Some of us do write our own spin off fan fic predictions...mainly so we can revitalize the manga we USED to love. Yeah it's hard to please everyone...but who is Kishi pleasing right now? From Naruto to Sasuke..we begged for Sasuke due to the Messiah and penis lover Kishi made Naruto out to be. We got tired of Sasuke because he is nothing but a bitch and a moaner who STILL has emotional ties to dead people. (get over it) The whole interaction with his brother before and now siding once again with Oro.....shit not even Kishi thinks Sasuke is important anymore..... (been MIA for over 45 chapters). Yeah we could wait to the end to bitch and complain about the manga..but it was the WRITER who has obliterated the manga you seem to enjoy so much. On top of that what words was it again he used for Nagato....Part one was good part 2 was a shitty chapter but part 3 he was going to come back and hit us with the good stuff. (paraphrasing) Good thing Nagato has been sealed because he would come out of his casket and kill Kishi for again making this manga hard to follow.... it is not that we are turn coats when it comes to Kishi's quality as a writer/story is simply because it is not consistent enough.....that's my two cents

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