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Re: Naruto_617

Originally Posted by krurk View Post
I had a quick thought, pretty sure I am off but curious as to what people think...

What if the only way to end Madara's Edo would be if he would attack himself? We are all sitting here wondering why he didn't unleash an attack when they came so close to him soooo...

Lets ASSUME that he was somewhat underestimating their speed and thats why they were able to get so close...

Next Madara's major attack Susanoo may break the concentration he has on the Juubi, leading us to wonder why he didn't use some attack such as the meteor attack against the alliance...

This leads me to believe that if Madara is injured by his own attacks he is unable to recooperate, there has always been a loop hole to every jutsu, I highly doubt there would be a flaw in Edo such as the one Madara exploited and there would not be a flaw in that design as well, which leads me to believe that if any of his attacks hit him, it could end Edo Tensei...
But the meteor attack you speak of, he produced this himself and cleared the battlefield of the nobodies before battling the Kages, additionally I'm not convinced that the Meteor Attack would even scratch Jyuubi, and Obito could simply morph through the attack. They decimated a plethera of troops with simple assed wood, including Neji. I'm one to think that Madara producing ANYTHING would have ended this war. The first time Naruto attempted th Rasenshuriken it was deflected with Madara's weapon, so he can wipe out massive attacks as well... one would think even a kick, but not holding on to that, the more confusing thing is the Edo Hyper Regeneration, then evade on par with Obito, whom did nothing but phase and evade.... Really???

Originally Posted by prez420 View Post
Those saying lee can't hit madara need to rethink that statement because it has been known sense the early chapters of the manga that the weakness to the eye techs is the body of the user must be trained enough to keep up with what the eye sees. Lee trains his body exclusively his physical attacks are far above nearly every other ninja on that field not to mention he just got juiced up with 9tails chakra which appears to act like gates chakra without the drawbacks. The question that needs to be asked is if madara can even lay a finger on lee.

Yeah Im a Lee fan he needs his time to shine too =)
This works if were talking about Sasuke walking into the chuunin exams, it dosen't if were talking Madara. Fact is Lee with Kyuubi Chakra, and Gates could defeat zero Kages, not one. Madara went through 5, including Raichu, so someone tell me that Lee's speed matches his, come on, anyone. If not, then that attack was nonsensical. Even with the detaching from the Jyuubi, its not like someone from the Alliance can jump on and take over, there was no big deal to stay linked. I find it as simple as when the Kages thought they had Madara dead to rights, then his eyes went Rinnengan for the first time, and left his own incomplete Susanno. He didn't 'have' to stay and take the damage IMHO.

Bottom line, with no diss to anybody, he's been watching the situation from the sidelines beside Obito, 95% of all attacks have come from him, not Madara. He's like an old fart watching General Hospital, 'He seems like he's waiting for Naruto to answer'. Screw that Real Thugs don't wait, he should've nuked all that he could, and moved on to his Moons Eye Rooty Poot Plan, thats what all of this madness is for correct?

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