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Re: Naruto_617

I agree the rookies are not on Naruto's or Saskue's level, and thats why most bitch! Because there was so much potential but all the focus shifts to only those two.
Choji has had a moment of shine during this war. Is he now on Kage level? (maybe) Idk it wouldn't surprise me either way!

You asked to name any shinobi on the battlefield who are on par with the Kages and I named 6! And no I wasn't speaking on Deidara's Sister, I was talking about Kurotsuchi father who seems to be very strong and a very good leader.

"This would make sense, if you could name any 1 shinobi on that battlefield beyond Naruto you could put on par with one of the 5 Kages"

Maito Gai

Rock Lee if he can open 8 gates
Choji depending on how powerful his butterfly teck is
Shikamaru is a brilliant strategist, he has lots of potential! Kage level in power NO but in mind yes
Kankuro has now supposedly surpased Sasori, so his level is unkown maybe, maybe not Kage level in a fight

My arguement is flawed cause for one everyone knows the rookies have not been shown to be anything more then background dancers! So regardless of what I think they are or what I think they should be is questionable!
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