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Re: Naruto_617

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
She has never destroyed something that large. It dwarfed Gedomazo, she would be squished right away.

Gai shits on her in speed and hand to hand prowess. Tsunade is nothing but a simple brawler with super strength, she won't land a single hit.

The attacks she has regenerated from have nothing on Afternoon tiger. AT generated a colossal explosion, comparable to a chunk of the turtle island.

It's not about opinions, they either have the feats or they don't which in this case they definitely lack them.

Stage 1 SusanoO, and it only melted a bit of the rib cages. Given the time Sasuke was surrounded by the acid mist the rate of consumption is pretty much shit. Just to put it into perspective the rib cage was nearly smashed by the Raikage, and none of his attacks even come close to AT or mountain sandwich.

Just look at the difference.

Liger bomb

Mountain sandwich

Mei and Tsunade ain't destroying that.

A kage doesn't have to be the strongest shinobi in the village. I'm not downplaying their power, I'm simply going by feats.

Bijuu like chakra is the typical hype tool you see in battle manga. He has done absolutely nothing that puts him anywhere near a serious Bee.

A non factor here. B bijuubombs his ass to ashes, not to mention that he can't really harm Bee. Yes, Kishi said that he slice a horn off at some point, but that is highly inconsistent with his showings in the manga.

All of them would die. Did you miss the bijuubomb B and Kurama made ? That shit was so big Kishi felt the need to show the circumference of the earth to highlight how powerful it was.

Again, being stabbed is a far cry from an attack that can vaporize a mountain.
The Earth User Dude, he's cool don't get me wrong... but against large slow enemies. It takes him time to create whatever Earth thing he's doing, so to me the 2 Broads have to have at least average speed for a shinobi #1, #2 Tsunade ain't just some nobody, she's a Sannin, and not just for healing. I'm not overhyping the Broad, but in the world of Broads in Naruto she's a Beast. Honestly since she's been Hokage the only time she's been seen doing work was against Madara. All of the Kages were on beast mode (and could've easily killed everybody on that list except for KB, and Gai), including th broads, UNTIL Ultimate Susanno came to town.

Maito Gai, honestly if he had aspirations could be a Kage, his uselessness after using Gates is disappointing. After Gates, he's like Ino and needs someone to protect his carcass. Therein lies his problem, if his enemy can withstand the attacks, just at least until Gai's tank is exhausted, and they can simply move and carry a kunai, he's toast. But he ain't walking through the Dude Kages at all, and I'd say eventually he'd perish vs. all of them. Mei's feats keep getting shit on, but all she has to do is spit, and lava ain't just some bullshit to walk through either. Gai's speed helps and he can get her, but remember Gai works under Tsunade for a reason. Gates ain't enough to kill Tsunade, she can't die in battle, she said it herself, thats why she's halved still going.

Mei, her techs were being used casually, note how she used the Lava to separate herself, and thought she was going to toy with Sasuke, she wasn't going all out. The only time she's ever been seen as going all out was vs. Edo-Madara, thats the truth, and he had a problem with how she was using her techs at one point, this Broad did turn out disappointing, but she was far from Sakura.

Ooniki, Gaara. Everybody on that list except for Gai, and KB wouldn't even touch these 2, even the Cloud Dude, and his lighteneng techs, which should pwn Gaara, would meet his end. They're chakra tanks are on different levels, Gaara would eventually get him when he was exhausted. I do think him and Gai would have a helluva battle, but because Gaara can virtually turn himself into sand to evade and move, at some point one must decide that honestly they'res not a kick ever made that can destroy sand. Ooniki, is a powerhouse that would vaporize everyone with ease except Gai, or KB.

KB a wildcard, him or Naruto has the strength or bijuu to defeat a kage, but within the grand scheme of things, Naruto is seemingly one of few that has wanted to be Hokage, Gaara like had no choice he was born into the leadership shit. But know this Minato was battling with Kyuubs, and Hiruzen came out there as well, Konoha survived the highest Bijuu on the loose during Naruto's birth. Yeah KB's special cause he's sync'd with his Bijuu, but remember his own words 'Sasuke was the toughest shinobi I ever fought'.... this was before Sasuke had even killed Danzou, or achieved EMS. I say all of that to say simply this Madara has been 'killed' in Edo form at least 2 times to this point (not counting his own suicides), and there is NO, thats Zero characters within Narutoverse that can walk the Earth like Cain, and kick every ass, or village, or enemy in front of him. The only one that is near that is Naruto. The Bijuudama Bombs have the same issue and errors that Jyuubi is facing, and so did Naruto at 7 Tails vs Pein, it takes time to create them. During the creation the user is vunerable, all one has to do is damage it during the creation and it blows up in the face, or throat, etc.

Raichu, whom I don't like is just being shat on though, this Dude fell back from a full power Lariat from KB, and Rock Dude, Darui (his own underling), Kakashi, Gai, etc are just walking this Dude like a pet... really? I still don't understand how even Edo Madara could actually touch him unless he was caught up assisting others, or was eventually trapped by the multiple incomplete Susanno's, but the list of characters before, except for KB are getting walked on by this Guy, even Gai, his chakra tank couldn't last this Dude.

And no a Kage ain't the strongest, but a Jounin from anywhere ain't just walking through any Kage, just can't happen.

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