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Re: Fairy Tail 316

Question: Does anyone have an idea how Laxus can even fight Orga on even ground? Shouldn't the latter just be able to eat all of Laxus' attacks?

I mean, Zancrow ate Natsu's flames and thus rendered his attacks useless. It was pretty much said that a DS would normally have as little chance against a GS as an ordinary flame mage would have against a DS.
Of course, only until Natsu pulled off that mana-depletion trick, but this hasn't been implied to have happened in this chapter...

You could say it happened off-panel, but then again it has been the same for Wendy vs. Shelia... Shelia didn't just absorb all of Wendy's attacks and destroy her with ease.

Now, is this just a plot hole or has anything been stated to explain this? Maybe I hust oversaw something? O_o
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