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if Madara has limitless chakra, that puts him above, but i guess I would liken it unto two bottles, one has a bigger capacity but a smaller funnel to dump it all out at once, and the other with a smaller capacity but a much larger funnel to exert more chakra at once(naruto+kyuubi).

if the Juubi is like pure nature energy would that not put Naruto in a more unique position. He should be able to make as many clones as there are alliance members in Sage mode. On top of this, and it was stated in the anime by Kakashi( I think.......too offset the FACT police) that naruto's chakra capacity as like 4 times the amount of his, but if the Kyuubi was not housed in Naruto's soul, this would be 100 times the amount. With those two syncing, this should boost them up much more.

Someone has a problem with Naruto knowing the nature of each persons chakra type, why, when in kyuubi mode his mental ablities to sense hostilities within a person is heightened. naruto was ever highly empathic, the more complete the syncing of his and the kyuubi's new blending would make this even more complete, knowing a person and their heart. Hell the 1st's kekkai genkai was unmatched even by a kekkai touta, nature sustains life and something every lifeform could relate too. I think his empathy and abilities was why he could control the bijuu, I would not be surprised if naruto gains the abilities and experience of every shinobi on that battlfield, just saying , not to start off any stupid bickering that is prevalent on here now.
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