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Re: Naruto 618

Originally Posted by Encon Uchiha View Post
I fuckin predicted this the moment they got the scroll into the story.
But DAMN i have never been this excited since i saw Madara come form the coffin. 4 Hokages, Full powered Orochimaru and Sasuke....HOLY SHIT MADARA IS GOING DOWN! XD

Madara is gonna orgasm when he sees Hashirama lmaoo

Tobi is gonna shit his pants when he sees Minato lolol
I am very excited....I predicted everything thus far besides the damn Mask....(well and not the Zetsu sacrifices. It seemed a bit rushed but hey we all knew something along these lines were being constructed behind the scenes. Madara is going down and Obito is about to be raped. Loved how Sasuke stood in his lovers spot overlooking the city. Even Oro seems reluctant to play bad guy just yet...too many obstacles for him.
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