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Re: Naruto 618

Originally Posted by Encon Uchiha View Post
Do you guys think when the Yin chakra gets back to Kurama, that he'll take his power back from Naruto?(since its evil is back) Or will Naruto just get a massive power boost than he already has -_-

Finally we will see Hashirama's feats in front of us rather than demonstrated by Madara and this whole whos the strongest Kage debate will be settled.
We are all assuming they will be ordered to go to would be cool if this happens but what if it's just a chance they he receives info and releases their soul..i mean a bit overkill..the five(four) Kages, Sasuke and Group, Four Kages of old and the alliance vs Obito and the now soon the be failing to me sounds like overkill. Bring back the old guys because the new gen can't kick it... Though just them sitting in the back ground and observing while commenting personally would be enough for me. To see Hashi at this point would be redundant as Madara has already been spamming his techs...Kishi could of done this early to make certain how this would/should impact the readers...

Edit: did anyone notice Oro jump bodies into Zetsu?!!!

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