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Re: Naruto 618

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
The kyuubi was sealed with minato's soul, showing a union of the two when they were sealed... so it's more likely that minato has the other half of the kyuubi with him IMO... Meaning we can see what minato can do with the power...

EDIT: there are actually six zetsu's... four for the edo tensai and one for Oro's new body... Then the last must be for sasuke IMO... He will read the sage's tablet and learn how to awaken the RG... and by juugo absorbing the last zetsu then injecting it into sasuke... he will gain hashirama's cells and awaken the RG and be able to use some mokuton too...

EDIT#2: and in all likelihood, Edo Tensai is a Senjutsu technique IMO... Kind off topic, but the fact only two sages are capable of actually using it while tobirama who created the technique could not... And the fact that the bodies never lose chakra, as if they draw their enemy off of the planet itself... Also, the bodies are made of earth, so like drawing nature energy to endlessly power them, there is infinite amount of earth to recreate them when they are damaged too... Because of this and some other factors, I think it is very likely that Edo Tensai is actually a senjutsu technique...

God i hope not. Another Uchiha getting the RG is not what this story needs!
Sasuke will have his talk. Make his decision but won't say what it is.
Instead he will say let's go to the main battlefield of this war.
Keeping us guessing for about 2 or three more chapters.
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