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Re: Naruto 618

Originally Posted by Myth View Post
he hasn't done it before cause u need to sacrafice yourself to do this hence his body turning to shit and he being left as a snake and the only reason he's still living is thanks to zetsu being there.

orochimaru is long done for def still interesting to see him but don't expect him to play any sort of role past this point.
he had so many pawns as lab rats he can use, pretty sure he could have before hand instead of coming bk from dead to killing himself to resurrecting himself into a zetsu clone

Edit : wait a minute, shouldnt the caster use the DNA of the ones he intend to resurrect? where did Oro get that. Please dont tell me he had in his hand , knowing that he himself was just resurrected. He does say he has the dna of the four, but how

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