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Originally Posted by Mal View Post
As obvious as the first part makes it that you haven't read any of his stories about her, the second part is actually much more indicative of that fact. You do not want to. Trust me.

Still, maybe...maybe, you know..... if she can just have a baby, a quick little baby, you know....if it could just pop out of her vagina, it might have some of the genetics that lead to Miburo having some of the more preferred traits that he has and be a semi-cute awesome hot girl who will also somehow be obsessed with me when she comes of age?

ANYWHO, when I get some time I'm going to try to look up some of his stories. Hopefully this forum doesn't somehow go under until then. That'd suck if some of those classics that I know he probably wrote get erased before I could even read them.

Edit: I also don't mean that he was being plagaristic, or anything when using the word "probably", meant it in the sense that I might not consider them classics when I read them, but I probably will.
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