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Re: One piece 697

Lol nice mangastream I am just geeking up at all those folks that said Mocha would have a serious role to play..ROTFL! Yeah the big headed bish is going home! I find it interesting the Kaidou is feared as the most powerful. So powerful he stood equal to WB? With Kaidou being the black Shadow of the WG and Dofla his vile henchman it only questions who else in the top tier is being influenced. Vegapunk is going to work on a vaccine for candy. So where exactly is VP being stationed? We all thought Law's crew was being held captive, as his reasoning for working with CC. As we know that is not the case. So where is his crew? With this chapter building a more visible bond between Smoker and Luffy how will their future run ins play out? So many questions...I will say Dofla's chaotic nonchalant personality was debunked a bit...even through threats and orders he did his work with a menacing smile. This chapter even cornered he continued to forget just how carefree he should be. The whole IDGAF (I don't give a fuck) attitude that made me enjoy him thus far. I agree that rubbed me slightly the wrong way. I would of wanted him to say I call your bluff or even "fuck it" "I could care less about the WG or your lame rookies!" What we heard was " Girl stop! Don't play me like that son!" "How can I make a deal with you sweetums!" Just took the boss right out of his spine.. So now that the young master has flipped his cool switch, I think SH-Law alliance is about to hit a bumpy road. I would personally snail call my crew and have all their asses searching for the Hats-Law group. Price on their heads and all. Dofla will have to show me in this next chapter why he smiles so much and why this world needs to burn to give him a tiny bit of excitement.

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